Welcome to Boston Steam & Vintage Festivals' website.  Here in the following pages you can find information and directions to our forthcoming show.  Updates can also be found in the blog section of the website. 

Chairman's Message

When we started back in 2005 it was to fill a gap left by the closure of the Boston Horticultural Show which was held in the Central Park.  Many of the exhibitors, especially the miniature steam boys, felt that losing such a major show was a great shame, and there was a need for more local events.

Of course the big national shows continue to do grow and do well.  The Great Dorset Steam Fair has just celebrated its 50th anniversary - with 500 steam engines attending! Events such as Chris Evans Car Fest sells out within days and The Goodwood Revival is always in great demand.

But I believe there is a real place for local events like our Boston Steam and Vintage Festival.  Next year our friends at Carrington Steam celebrate their 60th anniversary.  More events are being tried out in Boston, from 40s weekend to the Viking Warriors.  Local model shows are proving popular and of course the Boston Bike Night if firmly established - which are all great to see.

13 years on and it doesn't get any easier to organise the festival, and I am so grateful to the loyal team of volunteers who meet throughout the year the plan and organise the weekend.  this event would not happen without their hard work.  Health and Safety rules continue to add cost to the planning, costs generally keep rising, and none of us are getting any younger! Ad of course we are so dependant on the weather for our overall finances.

As well and the committee, there are many other who contribute a great deal to the success of the festival and are essential to this event happening - none so more than David May, Richard & Graham Reams, Andrew Hladun and Taylors Ford, Peugeot and Vauxhall.  All our of our exhibitors who bring such a wide and varied selection of displays to entertain us.  

And of course, thanks again to you the public for attending and supporting us - lets keep live local entertainment going in and around Boston!!!

Richard F Kew. B.S.V.F. Chairman

We have had several requests regarding public camping on site, unfortunately we are not able to offer this facility on site.  May we suggest Orchard Park (next door to our site who may be able to assist).

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